Full Text Submission

The file should be named with the surname of the Corresponding Author and the paper ID assigned.

Before submitting your final paper, check that the format conforms to below template. Specifically, check the appearance of the title and author block, the appearance of section headings, document margins, column width and other features. Please make sure that the use of other languages in figures and tables is avoided. Papers should be checked by a native English speaker with expertise in the field prior to submission.

Click here to dowload full text template.

Instructions for posting full text articles.
The system for accepting full-text articles is the same as for abstracts. However, on the Event tab, select EuroDrying 2023 – Full Article. Then, as for abstract submission, fill in all the fields: the text of the abstract (sometimes they are changed compared to the first version) and authors and affiliation.
The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 5MB. Please send the files in MS Word format.

Participants who wish to replace their files with the full text of the articles are asked to contact the administrators at the following e-mail address: maciej.jaskulski@p.lodz.pl

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