4-7 July 2023

Lodz University of Technology,
Poznan University of Technology
and EFCE Working Party on Drying

Lodz University of Technology (TUL) was established in 1945 and is currently among the largest Polish universities. That governmental and public body is organized as 9 faculties with 70 institutes and departments and employs over 1500 academics (total staff number is almost 3000). The research area concerns mostly applications of new technologies and materials especially in chemical engineering, biotechnology, materials engineering, electronics and telecommunication, computer science, textile design, technologies and nanotechnologies applied in technique, medicine, environmental protection and improvement of food safety and quality.

Łódź University of Technology (TUL)

TUL is the only technical university in Poland which has been awarded the prestigious ECTS Label and DL Label Certificate by the European Commission. TUL is the 5th best technical university in Poland according to Perspektywy Magazine University Ranking in 2021 and 4th the most frequently selected university according to the Ministry of Science and Higher Eudcation report. What is more, as an innovator centre TUL has ranked second in the number of patent applications filed and granted per employee according to the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. In June 2016 the European Commission awarded Lodz University of Technology the HR Excellence in Research badge.