About Łódź

4-7 July 2023

Lodz University of Technology,
Poznan University of Technology
and EFCE Working Party on Drying

Łódź is one of the largest and most interesting cities in Poland. Łódź was granted town privileges in 1423, but it remained a true city 400 years later in XIX century, when it became a city of the cotton industry.

In the nineteenth century, the textile industry developed rapidly in Łódź, which resulted in the creation of many factories in the city, which today we can see in a completely new version. The most popular factory complex in Łódź is Izrael Poznański’s factory complex. Currently, Manufaktura, the largest entertainment, service and commercial complex in Łódź, is located on its premises, in which there are, among others, shops, restaurants, cafes, cinema, theater, museum.

It is also worth visiting factory mansions, especially the Poznański Palace or the Karol Scheibler Palace. The latter is located in the former workers’ housing estate of Księży Młyn. Currently, it is the largest historic factory complex in the city, hosting cultural events, concerts and fashion shows. It is one of the places in Łódź that should not be missed when planning a city tour. In the period of the city’s greatest development, the intellectual elite of Łódź consisted of Poles, Jews, Germans and Russians. It was the representatives of these four nations who exerted the greatest influence on the history of Łódź and the appearance of the city. For this reason, Łódź is called the city of four cultures. This diversity is commemorated by the Festival of Four Cultures held every year, combining elements of theater, literature, film, music and visual arts.

When we talk about Łódź, we cannot forget to mention Piotrkowska Street, the city’s representative street, one of the longest shopping streets in Europe. Along which there are shops, restaurants, cafes and pubs. When strolling along Piotrkowska Street, you should also look at the gates, because some courtyards are now real gems. One of the most interesting is the Rose Passage – the courtyard at number 3. The facades of the outbuildings are lined with millions of tiny mirrors with irregular shapes, which makes this place unique and unique. It is also worth visiting OFF Piotrkowska (No. 138/140), where on the premises of the former Franciszek Ramsich cotton factory there are, among others, restaurants, music clubs, work of fashion and design designers, showrooms. The unique atmosphere and diversity of this place attracts locals and tourists. Łódź is constantly developing, and successive quarters of the city have been successively revitalized for many years. It is worth taking a walk around the city, looking at the gates, admiring the street art of artists who are constantly coming. Łódź is a truly fascinating city where modernity is naturally intertwined with places with a long history, and buildings forgotten for years are given a new life.

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