Conference Venue

4-7 July 2023

Lodz University of Technology,
Poznan University of Technology
and EFCE Working Party on Drying

Alchemium-magic of the chemistry of tomorrow” is a modern complex of buildings for the Faculty of Chemistry at Lodz University of Technology. The building houses an impressive conference center, 17 classrooms and dean’s office rooms. On the ground floor there is a conference room for 100 people, which will be the place of the TUL Senate meetings. The heart of the building is the Lecture Hall, extending over three floors named in memory of Professor Tadeusz Paryjczak. It can accommodate 500 people.

The EuroDrying 2023 conference will take place at Lodz University of Technology, the building of the Faculty of Chemistry – Alchemium, building number A34, 114 Żeromskiego street.

Location of Alchemium – the meeting venue